Sonntag, 22. Juli 2018

Exited and ready to go? YES!

CHTF2017 was a blast so here we go in 2018.
Several things will be new this year but of course we keep our concept of a fully colored microfestival for all friends of Chiptune, Retrogaming and DIY culture.

Friday 16.November 2018
Yes - it's a Friday.

The new location in Nuremberg called Tafelhalle because our beloved Künstlerhaus is under renovation.

The German Chiptune city of Nuremberg is applying to become European Capital of Culture in 2025.
It's time to show that the Chiptune-scene does not care about borders. Therefor we invite artists to submit a track to our Chiptune-Compilation we plan for the festival.
More details can be found in the submission guidelines:

Facebook Event


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